How to create a good reputation for retail users

How to create a good reputation for retail users

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now no matter what, a good reputation is very important thing, because of this, for any one shop, will focus on the reputation of the building. After all, there is a saying "gold silver cup, as people reputation". That is to say, leading cadres should attach importance to the work of the masses, to keep close contact with the masses, really help the masses, to win the praise of the people than any honor is more important than anything. I think this sentence is also applicable to the retail business, they need to create a good reputation in the retail business, to win customer support, in order to do business. So how should the retail business for their own business to win a good reputation? I think we should start from the following aspects:

first, integrity and enthusiasm to win the reputation of honesty.

first, the retail business in the retail business to be honest enthusiasm, in good faith to win the word of mouth. Integrity enthusiasm, can be said to be the cornerstone of the retail business to do business. In particular, under the new economic normal, retail households should pay attention to the integrity of passion, to treat each customer in good faith.

according to the author that, although many retail accounts on the head to know the importance of good faith, but in reality it is difficult to do. Some retailers are always from their own interests, is always the priority is individual small abacus, but neglect the interests of customers. Therefore, this is not a very good performance to the customer, the feeling is false, bad faith, duplicity, forever. Perhaps a two time flicker makes it difficult to identify the customer, it is difficult to judge, but a long time will make customers disappointed, and even make them angry.

The new normal

economy, due to the economic downturn, slow economic growth, many enterprises lack of economic growth needs transformation, so that some consumers especially low-income people feel hard earned money, hard money, and lack of confidence and courage, which leads to consumer market atrophy flagging lack of vitality and power. Therefore, it is necessary for retailers to guide customers with good faith and reasonable consumption, in order to stimulate their enthusiasm and initiative, so as to better attract customers.

retail Sun Donghai: I have been in the retail business for more than 20 years. Now more and more retail business is difficult to do, especially in the past two years, the industry is feeling depressed. There are many reasons, one is affected by the new normal domestic economy; there are more and more competition among retail households, fierce competition makes it increasingly difficult to do retail. Therefore, I pay special attention to the integrity of hospitality, adhere to fair and treat every customer, actively communicate with them close, let them not only feel my sincerity, but also willing to spend, so keep the business continued strong. I think honesty is the cornerstone of the retail Business Flourishes, is absolutely not to be ignored, is not false.

two, strict pass, to win the reputation of quality.

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