How Chen prawns

How Chen prawns

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a lot of people have heard the good food and beverage brands Chen prawns, but not too clear about the specific information of this food item, so small as we do a simple introduction. Chen prawns catering Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive set of catering management, food raw material supply, catering business operations as one of the management company. The company was founded in December 6, 2006 and headquartered in Shangqiu Shenqiu county rich Middle Road, has been successfully registered in the State Trademark bureau.


Chen prawns?

Chen prawn shrimp do not Hot pot, warm environment, thoughtful service, Hot pot one is dinner, business negotiation, birthday banquet, wedding banquet is good! Advocate a green, healthy and nutritious food and beverage business philosophy, adhere to the diversified development, relying on Southwest Agricultural University, Mianyang College of agricultural research institutions the school, at home and abroad to introduce advanced technology and equipment in the food and beverage, food processing, the formation of various types of production, processing and sales of Hot pot seasoning through-train system.

Chen prawns with pure natural vegetable oil in the pan with the characteristics of the Health Chen prawn bottom material, soup color is bright, taste delicious spicy but not dry, with a modern interpretation of the classic delicacy. Is synonymous with green, health, fashion, wealth! Chen prawns set Ma, spicy, fresh, fragrant and tender, called six flavor as a whole, not only focus on the taste of alcohol and kind, gentle and full-bodied aftertaste, an appropriate north-south subject to seasonal regional limitations.

Chen joined the prawns for life only 80 thousand of the only regional protection.

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in each county, 8 times in case of lifelong franchise fee paid. Headquarters of lifelong learning

for free!

Chen prawns with low input, high return, interested friends to join


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