Entrepreneurs should focus on finding the right investors

Entrepreneurs should focus on finding the right investors

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for entrepreneurs, it is very important to find investors, with the funds can start to start the venture, but found that investors do not mean that the funds have been resolved. In fact, even if the time is very urgent business, but also to choose the right investors to venture.

"1776" is a business consulting assistance company, the company combined bed DonnaHarris people said, "the best investors will usually ask you, you now have what potential, the future will be how to tap the potential and make it become a reality; good people don’t usually ask you how much money is needed to perform at least business plan."

A, different types of investors have different choice

is undeniable, VCs will invest in some promising start-ups in the early stage, but the vast majority of startups in the beginning is the first angel investor funding, venture capital is often in the second round, after several rounds of investment or to follow up.

two, different investors, they provide assets and resources are not the same as

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