China more than Hamburg really good brand names

China more than Hamburg really good brand names

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when you are still to choose what kind of brand stores and worry, go to the street to see, you will be able to find opportunities to become rich. Because of the recent street a china shop opened off more super hot, the most important thing is that only two young couples shop here, but it is bursting with popularity.

so small after work with their baby to go to see what people are attracted to. One into the store, simple decoration, clean and warm, the first impression is very good, and people are already full, then there is just one family to go, we can sit down, the waiter hurried to join the Chinese customers to give us up.

and the baby began ordering hamburgers, many kinds of ah, Fort beef series, chicken burger series, tender Roast Chicken hamburger, American crispy chicken, beef, German super Fort Fort Graham fort, Fort chicken, ham and cheese, Spanish Fort Bacon cheeseburger, Hyun spicy chicken burger… Everything is really…

and they do hamburgers are roasted whole wheat hamburger, health and nutrition, the material is also very much, distinct layers, layers of temptation, thick thick layer of vegetables, chicken, no wonder attracted so many elderly people to eat children.

is more than Hamburg variety, other small snacks are very much, the multicolored chicken rice flower, crispy fries, grilled wings, skewers, and bite is full of incense Steamed Rice wing board, there is a lot better, a meal taste will not complete the already very full very full.

Chinese passengers are indeed worthy of the name, the source of many ah!

if you think this school duoguo burger is good, and want to join the brand idea, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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