Carry forward the spirit of Hui culture transfer derivative

Carry forward the spirit of Hui culture transfer derivative

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is famous in the history of China, they made an important contribution in the ancient and modern social and economic development. To know a Huizhou we are today, he devoted himself to merchants from the family, inheritance of Hui culture, his story is worth reading.

Anhui Huangshan City District of Tunxi province

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Zhudiao, wood carving, carving, YanDiao, in Huizhou, is richly endowed by nature conditions. Do not say others, said YanDiao master Wu Shuiqing, bamboo carving, wood carving, stone carving his rise above the common herd process. At the beginning of the liberation, the Anhui Hall of the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, there are 9 masters involved, including Huizhou, Wu Shuiqing, one of them. Wang Peikun and Wu Shuiqing carving, bamboo carving, wood carving, stone carving, YanDiao, do everything.

don’t see this is just a small study in the factory, but almost three hundred years of Huizhou engraving and making the "scholar’s four jewels" elite backbone, a dozen people, one is the "martial arts master". Wang Peikun in the study with them at the same time, but also often use to go out to visit, observe the opportunity to experience a variety of ancient ink, ancient Yan Taiwan, ancient lacquer, which is from the beginning, he focused on collecting folk ancient ink and ancient inkstone. Observation and collection of the role played by Wang Peikun, is beyond all expectations. He is everywhere, everywhere, what can not see, but you must read the ancient ink, recommended

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