Yancheng agricultural electronic business platform zero turnover zero evaluation

Yancheng agricultural electronic business platform zero turnover zero evaluation

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The rapid development of

electricity supplier, led directly to the economic development of many places. In all parts of the country are busy building a modern electricity supplier platform, our vast rural areas, of course, is unwilling to lag behind. So, the development of the electricity supplier platform in rural areas is what kind of? In Yancheng an organic rice planting cooperatives responsible person, told reporters before the year before, the agricultural sector led the establishment of a county agricultural e-commerce platform, but more than a year down, do not say no influence in the field, many local residents do not know the platform.

zero turnover, zero evaluation is not an example of

reporter landing this business platform, opening the front page of the first "Wang Pu", which sells the assured pork shop showed 27 varieties, unusual price cheap pork, as long as 12 yuan per kilogram, more than the current market price. A closer look, all varieties of sales are zero. Obviously, more than a year in this shop has not made a business. Second the sale of fine fruit "Wang Pu", offer dozens of fruits for 0 yuan, obviously, the store would have to leave the business platform. In fact, this latest update of the electronic business platform for agricultural product information in July 22nd last year, that is, the platform has not operated for more than a year.

in recent years, local government departments keen to build, enthusiastic support of agricultural electronic business platform, the original intention of government departments is no doubt that farmers want to sell agricultural products to provide more convenient and convenient network channels. However, the reporter found that many government departments by the agricultural business platform construction in the state of zero turnover. A city in Northern Jiangsu reporter landing platform, found the platform of home is the local county (city and district) 26 local agricultural products network link. Click on the link to enter the online shop and found that the color is zero. South of Jiangsu city agricultural products business platform, although a small amount of transaction records, but sold almost all imported or in the field of agricultural and sideline products, even the peach city reputation inside and outside the province, there is no shop on this platform.

government support can not package online

, of course, there are relatively normal operation platform. Zhenjiang City Agricultural · Cardiff online is put into operation in October 23rd last year, there are more than and 160 agricultural cooperatives and family farm shop on the platform with the sale of agricultural products, 400 kinds of. Responsible for the daily management of the platform of the Zhenjiang Municipal Agriculture Office Deputy Director Hu Aocheng told reporters that the platform is not regularly organized online and offline activities, to the beginning of August, sales reached 9 million yuan. However, he admitted that this 9 million yuan in sales, mainly completed online, the main role of the platform is displayed. Hu Ao said, once the time is ripe, the platform will be the introduction of social capital in the city, let the platform recommended

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