Cake shop to join the rapid development of entrepreneurship

Cake shop to join the rapid development of entrepreneurship

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said this kind of instant cake dessert pastry, presumably a lot of people’s favorite, especially by young students and kids of all ages. And this is a lot of consumer groups are concerned about the business, so the opening of a cake shop has become the preferred choice for most people. So now the development of the industry to take a look at how to open a cake market prospects?

cake shop to join bakery industry rapid development, driven by the baking packaging development diversified data statistics in 2008 so far, the baked food industry sales revenue average growth of around 30%, with amazing speed. From a practical point of view, the three or four cities in the bakery and the rural market penetration is increasing, cake, bread and other baked goods has become one of the staple food of our residents breakfast. From the age point of view, consumer groups are also expanding, from children to the elderly are covered. It is predicted that in 2017 China’s bakery industry sales revenue is expected to reach 465 billion 829 million yuan.

industry insiders believe that the West China consumer market is far from saturation, although the breakfast table of bread and milk also conflicts with the traditional custom, but in the near future, with the well-known enterprises at home and abroad land after landing, the pastry industry is still a huge potential sunrise industry, has a traditional pastry culture the domestic pastry industry should change ideas as soon as possible, starting from the improvement of the environment, products, services, development and mining the national characteristics of the pastry shop.

according to authoritative survey shows that in recent years, China’s baking industry has maintained a growth rate of 50%, experts predict that in 2014 the baking industry will reach a size of 200 billion of the industry, the baking industry burst out of vitality. Foreign authoritative survey found that: personal success rate of only 20% shops, and join a mature brand, the success rate of more than 80% shops. In recent years, various brands of bakery fierce competition, every enterprise wants to give full play to its own characteristics for a place to live in. Major foreign brands have joined the ranks of competition. The operating mode of the traditional bakery in China and the overall situation of international bakery collide and merge with each other. Life is a continuous learning process, the same applies to join the bakery.

market competition is cruel, brand effect has a great role. The development of the bakery throughout, is not difficult to find that many consumers are dependent on the brand, thus eliminating the selection of goods and market reputation of trouble, save worry flavor troubles; high-end products to become for the market, cake shop will join the brand show explosive growth.

want to do a good job of making money, first of all to meet consumer demand, and the market prospects of the project is naturally a priority. Fragrant agent to join the cake shop to do business, pay attention to the choice of brand. With the rapid development of bread market at present, consumer awareness and brand awareness recommendation

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