How to do business free from

How to do business free from

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business if not good, we can learn more, this is a lot of people will say will do, however, how to learn, it has become a very important thing. As the saying goes, it is never too old to learn. Some retail business is booming, some retail business is light. Whether the business is booming or not is closely related to the continuous improvement of the management ability of the retail business. So, the storekeeper spare time is limited, economic condition is limited, so retailers how to learn? I recently summed up several aspects of the experience, I hope to help you peer friends.

use QQ

to learn the Scriptures

at the beginning of the supermarket business, another supermarket business is very prosperous, but my supermarket is very anxious and worried me a deserted house. Later, through a friend’s introduction, I joined the local retail QQ group. One day, I had a problem, I put the question to the group. It wasn’t long before the proposals were ejected one by one, and I copied them into the document, one by one in my spare time. I follow their advice to do, indeed as expected to play a small role.

use of newspapers to operate

I love through these newspapers, on the one hand sent this intolerable time, on the other hand also enrich their knowledge. And every time I look at the newspapers, I can learn a lot of ways of doing business. Before the Mid Autumn Festival this year, I suddenly saw a sales skill in a magazine. The book is loaded into a box of fruit sales, see the practice, I suddenly felt a bright eyes.

then, second days I will build a batch of the box, and then the fruits are loaded into, thus reducing the weighing link. In addition, the loss of fruit, the customer will produce in the process of picking is damaged. With the box packing, as long as the customer selected, then you can pay for goods, thereby reducing the loss. From then on, I often read newspapers and magazines in my spare time.

the use of goods experience

I used to

supermarket vegetable sales is always slow, so I am very worried. At that time, I often go to the early morning on the goods, and then shipped back to the supermarket. Every morning, many people in the markets, there are many retail counterparts in other goods together, I’ll take the initiative and they talk, suddenly narrowed the distance between each other, a little talk about business. I often learn some methods from them. For example, before I put the vegetables shipped back to the supermarket, in order to clean, I will wash it again, but the vegetables easily withered. Later, they told me that vegetables can not be washed, or more perishable.

use training management

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