Dangshan farmers get credit package help

Dangshan farmers get credit package help

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Anhui Dangshan more and more migrant workers to see the home development in the future, set foot on the road home business, agricultural firms in the "credit assistance package", opened a number of economic entities, to achieve a good business results.

"villagers said I ‘nest’" golden eggs "do not leave! Now, my charcoal are exported to Jiangsu, Fujian and other places, the annual income of 3.4 million, but also to help many people achieve the doorstep of employment, thanks to the agricultural firm credit package!" Recently, Dangshan County Xuan Miao Zhen home business stars Yongying hastily thanks for visiting rural commercial bank customer manager.

The difficult problem of migrant workers returning home financing in order to solve the

, Dangshan agricultural firms actively for their "tailored" characteristics of financial products, has launched the credit loans, individual industrial and commercial loans, SME loans, liquidity loans, fixed asset mortgage loans, loan guarantees and other series of Guarantee Corporation and popular credit products package "as far as possible to meet all kinds of financial services demand hit off the.

2015, Dangshan agricultural firm paid employment and Entrepreneurship of farmers loans about 50000000 yuan, has supported more than 600 have the courage and ambition and expertise of migrant workers home business development.

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