China tea table ten brands list

China tea table ten brands list

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in today’s home life, the coffee table has almost become a product can not be missing, the brand is different, different design, the use of features will have a slight difference. In fact, the history of the coffee table is very long, we have to go back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the first coffee table is a kind of incense, until the Qing Dynasty people began to put the coffee table between the two armchairs. Because of the general table and armchair supporting appear, so other material and not much difference between the armchair. We return to the modern, as one of the important components of the living room furniture, not only with the living room decoration also have to match the whole home style. Therefore, we choose to buy coffee table brand becomes difficult for each family. The following small series recently compiled a list of the top ten Chinese tea table, we may wish to take a look at it!

Table ten

Chinese brand rankings: NO.1 Sibutramine QM

QuMei modern furniture, European original design ", Sibutramine has always been to design as the core competitiveness, and become the most China design of modern furniture brand. We hope to open a better life through the design, to meet your beautiful home to pursue diligently. QuMei furniture to the spirit of continuous innovation to lead the rapid development of China furniture industry, original design diversified champion, to create a simple, modern and comfortable life. Sibutramine furniture, on the world stage is the interpretation of the colorful life of beauty.

China coffee table ten brands list NO.2: full friends QUANU

quanu Furniture Co. Ltd. was founded in 1986, after more than 20 years of efforts, has developed into a set of research, production and sales of one of the country’s largest furniture production enterprises.

company mainly produces plate suite furniture, solid wood furniture, mattresses, sofas, soft beds and custom furniture, engineering, furniture and other products, the best-selling products, and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia countries and regions.

China coffee table ten brands list NO.3: red apple Redapple

Red Apple furniture, founded in 1981 in Hongkong, in Shenzhen in 1987 to set up production bases in the domestic market in 1993. Is a "red apple" brand, R & D, design, production, marketing and service in one of the modern professional furniture and mattress manufacturing enterprises. Company registered capital of HK $253 million, total assets of $1 billion 50 million, is one of the most large-scale furniture manufacturers.

China coffee table ten brands list NO.4: Federal LANDBOND


group was founded in 1984, is the earliest leading to the design, manufacturing and commercial wings to fly, domestic and foreign market development.

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