The central document continue to focus on agriculture into the nternet plus concept

The central document continue to focus on agriculture into the nternet plus concept

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2016 the central document issued in 27, attention to agriculture, to this year’s document focus on agriculture, launched a multi government initiative, and the introduction of the concept of modern agriculture Internet plus ".

Since the reform and opening up

promotion carefully

file, to strengthen the modern promotion of agricultural science and technology innovation system construction. Strengthen agricultural research and development of genetically modified technology and regulation, to ensure the safety of the basis of careful promotion. Vigorously promote the "Internet plus" modern agriculture, application networking, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other modern information technology, promote the upgrading of agricultural industry chain.


will occupation farmers education and training into the national development plan, the basic form of occupation of farmers’ education and training system, the occupation training of farmers into the dominant force for the construction of modern agriculture.

run agricultural occupation education, the full-time agricultural secondary occupation education into the range of state sponsored policy. Relying on the resources of higher education, secondary occupation education, encourage farmers through the "semi read" means the local acceptance of occupation education. To carry out the cultivation of new agricultural business leaders, through 5 years of efforts to make their basic training. Strengthen agricultural professional full-time education in agricultural colleges to support agriculture related majors, perfecting the Agricultural Broadcasting and television school system, occupation oriented training of farmers. Guide aspiring to join the modern agriculture construction of rural youth, migrant workers, agricultural extension workers, college graduates and rural veterans join farmer occupation team.

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