To share with you 4 young entrepreneurs

To share with you 4 young entrepreneurs

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every successful entrepreneur, do not experience a grounding is absolutely not. Have you ever had a dream? Or are you on your way? If you already have a stable salary, you are willing to give up work, start empty-handed from scratch? Here we come to listen to 4 young entrepreneurs.

22 years old ma Qinna wears neat short hair, rainbow striped skirt is vibrant.

if you have a high paying job, dare to give up a stable income, starting from zero to fight? She dare! This year, 37 year old Liao Jiaceng is a media reporter, has a wealth of experience, in order to pursue entrepreneurial dreams and constantly changing roles. Now is the general manager of a company in Chongqing, she talked about his entrepreneurial experience, said the most is her own creed: not because there is hope to adhere to, but because there is hope to adhere to.

2005, was a deputy editor of the newspaper and the general manager of the advertising center Liao Jia decided to go to the northwest, moved to Xinjiang to achieve her first entrepreneurial dream". However, losing partners let her back to Chongqing fell dejected. "It was no longer: take the name of God in vain when his boss, want to do a" work emperor. "."


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