Qingdao comprehensively promote the traditional enterprise innovation and Entrepreneurship

Qingdao comprehensively promote the traditional enterprise innovation and Entrepreneurship

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current era is an era of entrepreneurial innovation, traditional industries must rely on transformation and upgrading to seek new opportunities for development. Qingdao city in carrying out the management activities at the same time, continue to promote reform and innovation, to promote the traditional enterprise achievements of new development.

"last year, the city through the aspects of support, has established a perfect entrepreneurial ecology environment, a large number of innovative youth introduced a lot of good and new products." Qingdao Municipal People’s Congress, Hao Feng (Qingdao) Food Co., Ltd. chairman Ma Tiemin after research found that public entrepreneurship, innovation activities in the city’s traditional business has brought hitherto unknown opportunities and challenges.

so, Ma suggested the government to support the introduction of Tiemin traditional enterprise and entrepreneurial innovation integration incentives, through mutual promotion, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise, to achieve a win-win situation. On the one hand, encourage the traditional enterprise into various hit off center and the establishment of departments or offices, into the real needs of enterprises to create customer groups, open to a customer, to create business at the same time, by creating the ability of innovation, rely on the mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, information technology and intelligent hardware, constantly improve their market competitiveness and efficiency.

the traditional enterprises face the emerging markets, the amount of temper need to develop new channels and profit, in order to cope with the market constantly hit the shock wave. Therefore, we hope that more people can learn to play the spirit of innovation, the development of Chinese enterprises to inject fresh vitality.

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