U Ding dish financing 90 million how do you see

U Ding dish financing 90 million how do you see

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sea fishing in the popularity of the hot pot market, we all know, a natural hot pot brand so fire, there is its inevitability. Many of the sub – sea fishing sub projects are also good development. Following the 2016 July Yihai listed in Hongkong, and a company’s application for sea fishing is listed on the new board, Beijing Youding catering and Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: Youding.).

Youding — in July 30, 2012, by Yang Lijuan, Yuan Huaqiang, Gou Yiqun funded under the brand name U Ding take food main Sichuan to take food, the country has 61 directly operated stores, known as the first sea fishing under the deck.

submarine fishing under the banner of food 90 million, apply for listing

2016 July financing ninety million

2016 in July, the company received 96 million 80 thousand yuan Youding and Hillhouse Tiancheng investment, currently Jinghai Youding Youding and holds a 45.9% stake, is the largest shareholder of the company; Hillhouse Tiancheng Youding and holds a 44.1% stake, is the second largest shareholder of the company; Youding one holds Youding and 10% the equity, as the third largest shareholder of the company.

rapid expansion led to a two-year loss of about 6000000

due to the rapid expansion of the store led the company for two consecutive years of losses of about 6000000, but in 2016, excellent tripod has successfully achieved profitability.

2014 year, revenue 16 million 60 thousand yuan, a loss of $3 million 50 thousand.

2015 year, revenue 67 million 180 thousand yuan, a loss of $3 million 580 thousand.

2016 years 1~8 months, revenue 65 million 580 thousand yuan, profit of $310 thousand.

labor costs accounted for 26%

in the food and beverage industry, labor costs have been high. U Ding take food as fast food, arguably less personnel demand, but according to the excellent Youding public data for listing shows that nearly three years, U Ding in take food sales expenses, administrative expenses, labor costs three percentage of total cost data of corporate income but also not optimistic.

2014 year, U Ding dish manpower costs accounted for 25.75%; in the year of, accounting for 29.49%; 2016 1~8 months, accounting for more than 26.76%.

stores accounted for less than 15%

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