The gospel of a single dog business to open even 13 single branch

The gospel of a single dog business to open even 13 single branch

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heard about a couple outfit, but you may not have heard of a single culture. Now a single dog all over the country, couples wear couples dress show affection, cattle dead child singles, and a guy to see the business opportunities.

: business occupation

, distribute leaflets to fast-food shop workers, when the mobile phone sales…… Into the university campus, Yang Rui has done more than and 20 part-time jobs, most of the time at the same time and 5 jobs. When he was born, he created a single brand clothing, graduated last summer so far, Yang Rui has opened 7 stores. His goal is to create a single brand clothing chain this year to 20.

was a crazy "part-time" King

2007 summer, Yang Rui admitted to Xihua University. In rural Yang Rui, from the school, lived a while learning, while working life. "In the face of difficulties, I can always be more and more brave." Yang Rui said, from the beginning of the second, he had not asked the family to go through money, the university has done more than 20 part-time job.

vision aim at the single market

"to stroll around the street, there are a couple of clothing stores. There are about 60000000 single country, and there are no one belonging to the group of their clothes." In the second half of the sophomore year, Yang Rui was keenly aware of the "single dress" market, and he wanted to fill the vacancy.

The idea of a


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