Fled 11 years of Sichuan section of embezzlement 1 million 180 thousand yuan

Fled 11 years of Sichuan section of embezzlement 1 million 180 thousand yuan

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in the process of social development, a lot of people take advantage of his position, corruption! However, because the law is not perfect, resulting in a lot of people take advantage of, and run successfully! The following Xiaobian together and understand, fled 11 years of Sichuan section 1 million 180 thousand yuan embezzlement, the pseudonym "Tang Moumou" assets of nearly billion events!

6 the morning of 25 August 3, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, a flight from Guiyang to Chengdu on the aircraft cabin door slowly opened, a middle-aged man walked out of the door in Chengdu city procuratorate prosecutor and the bailiff escorted.

man named Chen Shidong, is the former Chengdu City Grain Bureau of trade and market circulation department director, corruption in the 1 million 180 thousand, the pseudonym "Tang Moumou" in Guiyang fled 11 years. Prosecutors arrested him, he was a pseudonym, Tang Moumou, and his girlfriend run a company, assets of nearly billion.

1 million 180 thousand yuan embezzlement fled after

Chen Shidong, aged 45, former director of the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of trade and food market circulation clerk. Since the beginning of December 2002, he engaged in financial work and by keeping the financial accounts, seal and other office facilities, multi pen will be removed from the unit units of public funds accounts, the amount of up to 1 million 180 thousand yuan.

2005 in October 8th, 34 year old Chen Shidong absconding. In the same year on October 28th, the Chengdu municipal procuratorate on suspicion of corruption case investigation Chen Shidong.

Chen Shidong fled after the Chengdu city procuratorate anti corruption Bureau organized forces pursuit, but few are the lucky escape. Last year, Chengdu city procuratorate anti corruption bureau again formed a task force, the organization of police pursuit of Chen Shidong. At the same time, Chengdu anti-corruption leading group also involved in coordination.

it is understood that the ad hoc group in all cases after making the material review, pursuit of a detailed scheme. After a comprehensive investigation and visit Chen Shidong’s close relatives and other important social relations, and finally got a clue to the Guiyang hiding in the.

hiding in Guiyang and former girlfriend to open the company

task force investigators rushed to Guiyang, then Chen Shidong’s former girlfriend Liu launched an information collection. Under the name of a large number of companies involved in agriculture, supermarkets, small loans and other financial services, assets of nearly billion. Investigators found that she has been living with Tang Moumou for many years.

The evaluation of the Tang Moumou Liu and personal background and ability of

combined task force, said Liu personally do not have the ability of independent operators, after careful investigation, the police confirmed Tang Moumou Chen Shidong is probably.

in the course of the investigation, recommended work

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