How to choose the place of business to invest in the clothing industry

How to choose the place of business to invest in the clothing industry

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many entrepreneurs want to do the clothing business, in fact, as everyone knows it is to choose the appropriate address, only select the appropriate business address, may have a more lasting profit, how should choose the business clothing store address?

In the search for the optimal

1. the District, is not suitable for the operation of the industry.

2. if it is need for mass consumption market, then consider the traffic convenient people keep a district level, to increase the rate of visitors to increase revenues. But if it is need to emphasize the loyalty of consumer niche market, then consider a sub district to run, to reduce the rent and other costs.

3. business a long time industry, can choose in the crowd gathered lots of lively commercial business, with long time business to increase revenue.

4. if you want to open community stores because of the relatively closed community consumption patterns, we must consider the community of the commodity market saturation and the current situation of the industry share.

5. prepared by the venture capital is not sufficient to pay the rent burden of the place.

6. the location of the store Ping number, is not sufficient for future expansion of equipment or goods required.

7. the number of households and households are rising or flat.

8. the region’s main living population, the elderly or young people.

9. is the community an old or new community.

10. want to operate the industry location, is not in line with local regulations.

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