Understand Kangxia selling books

Understand Kangxia selling books

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today, the news media are extensive hot Kangxia selling books "deeds, Xiao Bian wanted to sell a book to cause such a huge sensation? Due to curiosity mischief, understand under Kangxia selling books inside, do not know do not know, understand is all Speechless.

with repeated list appearing, questioned the noise is more and more big. The evening of June 5th, Kangxia issued a micro-blog seeking to let go, and delete all the previously released micro-blog. At 23:40 that night, the 26 year old also published an article on his micro-blog, finally admitted: "I put the wrong things in my own collection of books outside of many bought a book sent out", and said: "all the money I have asked Alipay will receive the payment book readers the refund to you, sorry."

2015 in May, Kangxia selling books is a good thing, one day, the bookseller Kangxia received more than 770 thousand yuan book. In June 5, 2015, the idea of reverse scenario. "Kangxia selling books" from a beautiful story with literary feelings, fermented to become a satire of idioms, almost only one day.

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