What are the career planning for women

What are the career planning for women

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now the majority of female compatriots are liberated, and many men, like going out to work and work, but in the choice of career or should find more suitable for their own. Although the modern society, all walks of life woman but according to the study, emerge in an endless stream, occupation is gender difference. So, what kind of career is the most suitable for women to engage in it?

1  human resource management

through recruitment, selection, training, compensation and other forms of management for effective use of the organization and human resources, the current and future development to meet the needs of the organization, ensure to achieve organizational goals and members of the development to maximize. This is an emphasis on the actual experience of the position, but if there is a long-term development, the need for a wider network of people, to understand the knowledge and skills of career planning.

2  PR Manager

according to the Commission is responsible for project is the most mainstream pay mode, so the excellent performance, the annual salary of 100 thousand -15 million is the most basic income. If a market for a hit, bonanza, which the profit space should not be overlooked.

3  civil servant

refers to perform public duties according to law, the administrative establishment of the state, wages and benefits by the financial burdens of staff. According to the nature, characteristics and management needs of the civil service, the civil service positions are divided into categories of comprehensive management, professional and technical, and administrative law enforcement.

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