Shandong 150 thousand entrepreneurial government issued a subsidy of 80 million

Shandong 150 thousand entrepreneurial government issued a subsidy of 80 million

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in today’s society, rapid economic development today, entrepreneurship has also been pushed on the agenda at the same time, the society has a lot of young entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in a series of business activities, Shandong for entrepreneurs recently issued a one-time subsidy.

the slowdown in economic growth and has no effect on the process of improving people’s livelihood, according to statistics, the first half of this year the province’s local public budget revenue growth of 9.15 and 12% respectively, the government for the people’s livelihood expenditure of total expenditure accounted for 78 .  7%. These expenditures are reflected in what areas? From the point of view of a start-up company, look at the changes in the past six months.

each into the Ji’nan City, with the world park cafe, will be attracted to a green plant wall, Anthurium, Kalanchoe, grass, ferns all happiness…… More than and 30 species of plants grow on one wall.

in the business tide driven, 2015 college graduates have joined the company. "We have six people in the company, there are three graduates, the reason is to attract them, one of the company’s development prospects are good, and the two is the start-up companies can provide a decent security system." Jiang Peifeng said, he has dealt with five insurance business for the company’s employees, although after a month he will for every employee pay the cost of 800 yuan, but the social insurance, the company will be more standardized operation.

"I heard later graduated from such a small company, at the beginning, parents are not very satisfied, but after a period of time, the monthly income can get at least 3000 yuan, and now recommended

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