The idea of creating fine outstanding characteristics organization new Seongbuk project

The idea of creating fine outstanding characteristics organization new Seongbuk project

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North District to improve the scientific level of Party building as the goal, adhere to the "project implementation, target management, project promotion, brand management methods of work, and strive to build 10 party building innovation project has the characteristics of the north, to build high-tech industrial area, modern agricultural demonstration zone and landscape ecological livable area provide a strong organizational guarantee and personnel support.

implementation of quality improvement project to boost the ideological and political construction on a new level. The formulation and implementation of the opinions on strengthening the ideological and political construction of the leading group, to carry out activities to create a learning leadership activities, strengthen the training of the new party and government leading cadres after the transition. Issued "on Further Strengthening and improving the work style of cadres of opinion", carry out the "ten" activities in kejiyishang leading cadres, leading cadres to implement the point of contact, contact with the masses system, expanding the channels of close ties with the masses. Continuous integration of training resources, improve training methods, broaden the training channels, enrich the training content, and constantly enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of education and training.

implementation of the project can be cited to achieve a new orientation for the selection and appointment of cadres. Strict democratic recommendation, organization, deliberation, deliberation and consultation, discussion and decision of four points, with a more standardized mechanism to select cadres. The introduction of competition mechanism, focusing on the use of democratic evaluation, individual conversation, public opinion surveys, performance analysis and annual assessment, critical moment assessment, etc., with a more scientific approach to identify cadres. To focus the work, conscientiously implement the cadres of democratic life, talk talk, economic responsibility auditing system, cadre system with sound management, ensure that the signs of the emergence of tendentious questions the cadres of the early discovery, early reminder, early correction.

implementation of the team optimization project to promote the construction of Party members have a new look. Deepening Tuiyou work in a timely manner to the elite to the party organization to absorb. The members of strict requirements, strict education, strict management and strict supervision, and vigorously carry out the "striving for political quality excellent, excellent, work performance and job skills, and evaluation of the masses" and "four excellent" Communist activities, continue to strengthen the party consciousness, strict party life, trying to make the purpose of ideological style and the party to adapt consistent with the guidelines and policies of the party, consistent with the requirements of the advanced nature of the party.

implementation of the star project, to achieve a new upgrade grassroots organizations. In "three" and "three training and double" activities as the carrier, Party organizations to explore the integration of urban and rural settings, to create "+X Village building" brand. Pay attention to the grid management, group service, improve the community party organizations and social management of the ability to serve the masses, to create "1+5+N" of the regional party building work brand. Extensive organization function, the economic efficiency of enterprises, to safeguard the interests of workers, production safety management and support of social welfare "as the main content of the" four support "activities, expand the coverage of the party organization of work. To the party building demonstration point, three no three and other activities as the carrier, the implementation of the party building star management to promote the continuous improvement of service quality of Party organizations. ;

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