West District 450 electronic eyes amazing

West District 450 electronic eyes amazing

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vendors illegal operation, street lamp damage, covers lost, and even the streets of the case, but escaped a pair of electronic eye". September 26th, West District social service management information command center, the first public open day event, West District social management information system to allow 50 people to visit marvel.

on the same day, 50 people from the city district, west district and other places to enroll in the activities into the west district social service management information in the monitoring command center on the big screen, the west area of the 13 main streets and 89 lanes at a glance, closer to the camera, you can even see the hair silk street. The announcer said, this is a set of monitoring system of large seamless screen is currently the most advanced technology, the video monitoring system for Xining City, the largest and most clearly, not only play a major role in the city management, also contribute to the city public security.

most attractive to visit the people, or the citizens call system, this system has opened 24 hours hotline, the public can be through policy advice, call the hotline 6112345 public information consulting, legal consultation, government business consulting, also can understand the functions of the government departments, housekeeping services, community elderly day care centers, hotels etc. through the call service information system, but also on the illegal construction, municipal infrastructure construction, transportation, environmental protection and other complaints or suggestions. Chen Anyi, who lives in Xing Hai told reporters, through the visit, let him understand the advanced urban management model, as well as the government closer to the people, the people, Huimin urban management tools. (author: Zhang)

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