Our city to create civilized law enforcement team

Our city to create civilized law enforcement team

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In order to further improve the report to the people, please review the people ", in March 12th, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau in conjunction with the party’s mass line of educational practice, to carry out the" civilized law enforcement, serving the masses "theme practice mobilization meeting.

is the guarantee of urban management system "civilized law enforcement, serving the masses" theme of practical activities, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau set up the activities of the steering group, and requires all law enforcement personnel management system to fully understand the "civilized law enforcement, serving the masses" theme practice activities of the importance and necessity, through learning, rectification, to set up the concept of law enforcement, insist on law enforcement for the people; improve law enforcement style, adhere to the law enforcement people; standardize law enforcement, strengthen the service consciousness of the target. At the same time, in the propaganda and mobilization phase, on the basis of the development of a good plan, mobilization, in-depth publicity. In the stage of learning and education, the organization of expert lectures, laws and regulations to carry out business examinations and "business, quality, when the pacesetter" activities, the organization of business training and the temporary staff, co management education and training. In the analysis of the rectification stage, mainly to straighten out the law enforcement system, standardizing law enforcement behavior, investigate and highlight the problem, law enforcement jianzhanglizhi etc.. In summary, the organization staff take listening to the reports, thorough investigation, random checks and other forms of district and county (Park) to carry out activities for inspection, in order to create a civilized law enforcement team.


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