By the end of this year the province will have 5793 new forces to the public security line

By the end of this year the province will have 5793 new forces to the public security line

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September 10th, reporters from the province to promote the implementation of the police to sink the village police work mechanism mobilization video conference was informed that by the end of this year, the province will have 5793 new forces to the public security line.

it is reported that the province will establish a provincial and municipal public security organs targeted aid police station normalization mechanism, implement a system of rotation of two police sinking. Before the end of September, the public security organs, misappropriation, misuse of seconded police station will all return to work, and strictly implement the basic service system, under the age of 5 years, the minimum length of service of the police station, shall not be removed from the public security team or transferred to higher authorities; before the end of October, the proportion of the state in accordance with provincial and municipal and county public security total police agencies 20%, 10% and 20%, in the range from 1263 to 50 years of age the backbone of the business full police station, full participation in social security prevention and combating crimes, information collected, actual population management, investigation and resolve conflicts, contact the service people such as public security basic work; recruit police work is completed, the existing air make a new recruiting police to the police station of priority rank. At the same time, according to the province’s coverage, one step "ideas, will recruit 4530 assisting local police station to carry out the work of the villagers in the province before the end of the year (" village police "), and will promote the" required village police work infrastructure, office expenses, education and training, and delays subsidies personal accident, pension, medical and other work-related injuries, into the national economic plan and financial budget, take 35% according to the provincial finance, municipal (state) county level two financial commitment of 65% of the proportion of "village police" payment delays subsidies, to ensure that each "village police" is good "public security personnel" disputes "mediator" legal policy, "narrator", "fire safety advocates" traffic and convenience "waiter" and other functions.

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