Quality evaluation of scenic spots in Xining ranks among the ranks of the 25 scenic spots

Quality evaluation of scenic spots in Xining ranks among the ranks of the 25 scenic spots

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recently, in accordance with the "national" division and assessing the quality of tourist attractions and grade "tourism scenic quality rating management approach", by the Qinghai provincial tourism scenic quality rating and evaluation committee issued a notice of Xining City Township interest farming culture ecological park scenic area was assessed as a national 4A scenic spot, Sanjiang Chinese wolfberry health garden snow Datong County, Niangniang mountain scenic area has been assessed for the state 3A class tourist attractions.

combined with the assessment of the northwest in July last year, the pride of industrial tourism 3A level scenic spots, in 2014, Xining City, a new class a scenic spot 3, rural fun farming ecological garden by the 3A class scenic spots rose to 4A level scenic spots. Up to now, Xining A-level scenic spots increased to 25, of which 5A scenic spots of the, 4A class tourist attractions of the 8, 3A level scenic area of 16. In 2014, the Municipal Tourism Bureau will scenic Chong A work as an important starting point to promote tourism standardization, enhance tourism awareness, enrich the connotation of tourism, increase the scenic area management service guidance, through the provincial and municipal funds to support tourism, increasing scenic management innovation, integration and development of tourism resources construction, promote the upgrading of scenic spots. After the key construction, support and cultivate the northwest pride, Sanjiang snow Chinese wolfberry health garden characteristics of industrial tourism, Niangniangshan, Xiang fun farming culture ecological park and other natural ecological and agricultural sightseeing and leisure area, and actively create a multi-level and diversified tourism consumption hot spots.


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