Heavy pound Kunlun bridge on both sides of the bridge was opened to traffic at the end of September

Heavy pound Kunlun bridge on both sides of the bridge was opened to traffic at the end of September

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fifteen is not over, Xining is still in the very cold, but the Kunlun bridge widening project has been in the people’s expectations in officially started construction! At the end of September this year to completion.

the morning of February 20th, after a brief ceremony, tall rotarydiggingmachine formal operation. Half a year later, the Kunlun bridge with three Feijia attitude, which is connected to the Nanchuan river traffic capacity can be greatly improved, so that the road traffic condition here is greatly improved to meet the traffic demand at the same time, provide a good environment for the residents.

Kunlun bridge widening project is one of the key construction projects of Xining Xining, which is an important bridge between the East and the west of Xining. The project will be in Kunlun bridge north and south of the original building two symmetrical bridge bridge Feijia, forming something potential, to improve the Xining city road network, to the important role of building city traffic framework.

the total investment of 280 million yuan. West of the project from the Yellow River Road, east of the Yangtze River Road, a total length of about 381 meters of the road, the north and South symmetrically arranged, the bridge pile foundation, pile cap, pier, the cross section of the double layer continuous steel truss girder structure of six. The project design seeks innovative and coordinated with the surrounding environment, fully embody the design principle of "integration" of the new bridge, which will be an important project to show the image of the city, create new highlights of Nanchuan River landscape. It is not only in conformity with the construction and implementation of city planning and traffic function, will also further strengthen the Nanchuan River cross-strait links, the backbone of the road network construction greatly complement the city center, alleviate regional traffic pressure.

Kunlun road is an important main road in Xining City, is the only way which must be passed with the economic and Technological Development Zone and the Lake District, the original Kunlun bridge was built in 2000, the main road connecting downtown to ease city traffic play a positive role, but with the continuous development of the city and the explosion in car ownership, the original Kunlun bridge has been unable to meet the needs of city traffic. In the municipal government attaches great importance to the planning and construction departments and units in the tireless efforts of the project, Kunlun bridge widening project preparatory work completed. In order to minimize the impact of construction for the travel of the masses, the relevant departments and the construction side to make careful arrangements for the project, and strive to completion at the end of September.


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