17 North Primary School District of Xining city children fight repairer

17 North Primary School District of Xining city children fight repairer

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cars, is definitely a very high technology content. In the recently held the third session of the Xining City District primary science and technology contest, 17 primary school children launched a "war" competition, but they are driving car.

on the afternoon of October 26th, the North District 17 primary school children, gathered in the city to build green primary school, began the game. According to the green primary school principals Cao Can introduction, this activity is jointly organized by the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Association, the North District Education Bureau, north of the city of science and Technology Association, mainly to promote quality education, to stimulate students’ innovation and practice ability, improve teachers’ scientific qualities and skills, promote the popularization and development of science and technology education, let the children we respect science, respect knowledge. The game is the choice of primary and secondary science and technology courses in the power car of this lesson, the judges through the children’s selection, design ideas to assess the final winner five. The reporters found that the contestants was not too long, they make the car began to run the floor, amazing. (author: Zhu Xiquan)



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