North District launched a comprehensive renovation of urban environment

North District launched a comprehensive renovation of urban environment

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for review of the National Health City, 15 check special supervision group was established in Chengbei District of Xining City, the comprehensive improvement of urban environment, food safety, market management, urban greening, infectious disease prevention and control of the existing problems.

market consolidation. Because the bridge market in the presence of environmental health, night market operation order, problems and security risks, has been shut down; steel trade city market is a temporary adjustment Business Hours paddle gauge, from the original, all-weather business to business from 16 to 21, and to strengthen market management, ensure that people around the living needs are met.

remediation villages. Focus on remediation nine Bay, temple table, Mao Sheng Temple and small village traffic problems, regulate vehicle parking behavior, and nine village road hardening, demolition of Qi Jia Cheng Cun, Ma Fang Cun and xiaoqiaocun aqua, focusing on remediation Chaoyang electric ditches, ditches, West apricot village temple Ertaizi Village area of the environment etc..

strengthen industry regulation. The establishment of urban management, industry and commerce, public health, traffic police department joint enforcement group, the implementation of the "front three" responsibility to train station, West apricot village "five small industries more key areas for special supervision and inspection, strict penalties of substandard hygiene, Jeeves, bullying customers and other uncivilized behavior. (author: Peng Na)

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