Our province will focus on promoting broadband wireless city digital industry and other ten projects

Our province will focus on promoting broadband wireless city digital industry and other ten projects

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to accelerate the construction of broadband Qinghai, promote the province’s information consumption, the provincial government issued the relevant guidance at the end of last year. To put forward to 2015, fixed broadband household penetration rate reached 40%, 3G/4G user penetration rate reached 40%, the proportion of administrative villages through broadband over 92% and a series of goals, our province will focus on promoting the broadband wireless digital city, ten projects such as construction industry.

Key project of the ten

respectively for the city of optical network, broadband wireless broadband digital city, agricultural and pastoral areas in agricultural and pastoral areas, the smooth flow of network information center, the digital industry, plateau, digital digital park, people’s livelihood, e-government projects to enhance the beauty of Qinghai, geographic information to promote ecological protection of information engineering. The city of optical network, broadband wireless broadband and digital city in agricultural and pastoral areas in agricultural and pastoral areas of three projects will be implemented to the home network construction of new residential buildings in the old city "city of fiber, fiber to the home renovation, achieve 20 mega city area broadband network access bandwidth. Xining broadband network level and strive to reach the eastern city level, Haidong built small city in our province, city optical network model project. At the same time, beginning this year, the province will have the steps to promote the 4G network in the province of the state (city) government where the town’s coverage. Vigorously promote the administrative villages, national nature reserves, national Forest Park, state-owned forest areas and forest seedling demonstration bases and other broadband network penetration. The effective integration of agriculture (animal husbandry) industry at all levels of information service stations and other resources, the establishment of collaborative development mechanism, construction and improvement of planting and breeding technology, market supply and marketing, scientific and technological achievements and characteristics of the project, industrial policy and other information resources, build scientific and technological services and market information platform. In addition, to enhance the engineering, construction, information service platform for e-commerce service platform for SMEs through the traditional industry transformation of information digital industry, the basic realization of the province’s information technology industry from the traditional single application to integration, sharing, collaborative application transformation, reduce the cost of application of e-commerce for smes.

earlier this year, the provincial government and China Telecom Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, in 12th Five-Year, China Telecom will invest 6 billion yuan in Qinghai, to promote the construction of broadband Qinghai to promote information consumption, the focus of the project of ten. Through the demonstration we learned that in the future digital digital park, people’s livelihood after the implementation of the project, the province is expected to build the provincial education management information public service platform of data center, residents of the province’s health records data center, unified human resources and social security data management platform, the formation of City Intelligent Transportation System all-round construction of safety alarming emergency response, command and coordination, information platform. The use of information technology to promote teaching methods, medical services, social security, traffic management, safe city construction and other aspects of profound change.


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