Do you know the ten major causes of entrepreneurial failure

Do you know the ten major causes of entrepreneurial failure

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a lot of business failure, we should from the failure to learn, according to statistics, more than ten is the biggest cause of failure!

1 for less than

lack of funds

no good marketing strategy

if the price is low enough product service is good enough, but your company still has the risk of failure, because the target user groups may not know about products and services. Advertising is the key to the success of the enterprise, if entrepreneurs do not know how to sell products to the public, he should seek a better business partner support. In addition, it should also be designed to look like a very good corporate Web site, so that customers can easily understand the company’s information, as well as the company’s products and services.

4 reliable supplier

for many successful enterprises, excellent supplier is indispensable link to ensure good service. Dealing with suppliers may be challenging, but through appropriate communication and research, entrepreneurs can successfully develop efficient supply channels to find good partners.

5 the lack of suitable staff

6 products sold

> 7 products lack of diversity

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