Ge Yun coffee can add more fun to your leisure life

Ge Yun coffee can add more fun to your leisure life

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what is happiness, happiness is not given to you by the outside world, but by your mood created. We always dream that one day in the future to have what specific things, because that can bring you what you want to feel, for example: Fantasy in the Baltic Sea, in the mysterious and romantic Danish port, carefree and content hiding in a cafe, basking in the sun with a cup of coffee? Don’t dim, don’t screen, as long as the sun! The unrealistic? Not as long as you want to have, because you really want is to bring you comfort and enjoy the comfortable feeling. Can’t you find a place where you want to be able to give you this feeling? Ge Yun cafe can let you feel here is perfect, the urban workers return to slow life, open heart land of idyllic beauty.

greencoffee Ge Yun coffee, will Fresh Ground Coffee and fresh baked together, and strive to perfect fusion of product quality and quality of life, it is a new brand is owned by the city of Beijing Yufa real estate development group Lvchun Fang Catering Management Co. Ltd to create. Has a history of over twenty years Yufa group, not only in the building developed millions of square meters of the garden community, more like in food safety, air pollution is increasingly serious today, to create a healthy and green lifestyle: Ge Yun Green — the "green" is a kind of attitude: peace, friendship, calm, positive, energetic.

because Ge Yun coffee brand from Denmark, Denmark, the United Nations recognized countries, the gap between rich and poor is extremely small, people with a high quality and standard of living, the first release of the United Nations global happiness index report, 156 countries and regions in the world, Denmark become the world’s happiest nation, is the world recognized "the happiest countries". And there is the kingdom of fairy tales, Andersen’s famous fairy tale characters, stories, great to meet the hearts of people’s desire for a better life. Because of this, "Ge Yun coffee" brand refined into two parts: Greencoffee’" and " GE Yun; GE Yun Greencake".

innovation, starting from the rule over. Ge Yun coffee believes that real coffee culture should be the people in the coffee consumption concept, mostly should be emotional consumption, cultural consumption and fashion consumption, rather than simply the fashion consumer identity and consumption. Coffee cups, tables and chairs, books, music, movies, beans…… Even breathing air, should spread a out of the ordinary, personal independence of conduct cultural taste.

has such a stick Ge Yun, followed the Danish Royal noble, elegant, leisurely way of life, the introduction of "cafe baking workshop" China, create a new brand of Ge Yun · Greencoffee, the hustle and bustle of the city, bustling.

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