Our province multi pronged approach to the full employment and poverty alleviation action

Our province multi pronged approach to the full employment and poverty alleviation action

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" has strong efforts to achieve rural medical security for the target of "employment, a rich, a cure; a person, a bunch of out of poverty, get ready for a new round of battle poverty alleviation and development to make a positive contribution" – reporter recently from the province’s human resources and social security system of poverty alleviation work mobilization meeting I was informed that the province will be a multi pronged approach to start a comprehensive employment and poverty alleviation medical action.

in accordance with provincial four years of concentrated poverty, a year to consolidate the overall deployment to enhance the overall goal of the province, human resources and social security system is to 2019, the government provides comprehensive coverage of employment support policies to each employment aspirations of the poor labor skills training; occupation occupation education or full coverage to the poor families, after training the employment rate of more than 70%; urban and rural residents basic pension, medical insurance to achieve full coverage of the poor, basically solve poverty caused due to disability issues. By 2020, to achieve employment in poor areas, social security work to achieve the province’s average level of development, and build a solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society with the province simultaneously.

vigorously promote employment and poverty alleviation, ensure agricultural and pastoral areas of labor transfer each year more than 1 million people, in 1622 participatory poverty village, village development stages each 1 public job placement and poor family labor. This year will focus on Collaborative Haidong city on the "Hand-Pulled Noodle economic upgrading, bigger and stronger" Haixi picking wolfberry "and" rural farmhouse "service brand; every poor village culture of 1 to 2 labor brokers.

at the same time, the urban and rural junior high school graduates under the two kinds of careers, agricultural and pastoral areas of unemployed college graduates, ecological migration and urbanization, landless peasants and other new entrants to the workforce as the focus, to carry out the "full occupation skill training" project, to ensure that the poor labor can receive a training support.

at present, our province has been in the lead in the establishment of the urban and rural residents basic medical insurance and insurance system, the next step will improve the financing payment mechanism, improve the overall level, accelerate the reform of payment of medical insurance settlement work immediately. At the same time, the poor are all included in the scope of medical insurance, the implementation of individual contributions special subsidy policy to ensure that poor people enjoy medical treatment in a timely manner.


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