mplementation of the urban area to ban coal Xining to complete the task of 809 tons of coal to gas

mplementation of the urban area to ban coal Xining to complete the task of 809 tons of coal to gas

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Xining City, after entering the spring, wind, dust weather, road dust is serious, objective factors for this disadvantage, for good weather and strive to achieve the first quarter rate of more than 60% of the target, in March 4th, held in Xining City, air pollution control arrangements and deployment conference, vice mayor Xu Guocheng heard a recent comprehensive air pollution control work the bulletin, and put forward specific requirements for air pollution control work in the next step.

in late February, particulate pollutants are the main factors affecting air quality, to quickly decrease under normal weather because the subsequent effects of dust weather caused by Xu Guocheng, the first, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau and the four district to increase the integration of urban and rural road especially cleaning and cleaning efforts, the main roads and secondary roads to reach basic moisturizer. Municipal Bureau of parks and gardens should be responsible for all parks and green belt sprinkler operation on the north and south two mountains on the surface of the green water. Second, the Municipal Construction Committee joint Urban Management Bureau and the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of the city’s construction site and the entrance of the dragnet investigation. City real estate bureau of the city’s demolition site dragnet investigation, the site can not be ordered to spray irrigation work stoppage, no cover for the demolition site supervision. Third, the city environmental protection bureau to unite the four area, mobilize the community to clean up all the residents of the courtyard to ensure that the roof and the courtyard clean. Fourth, we should give full play to the role of grid to control air pollution, to the city residents do report atmospheric air, do you want to quickly reflect the problem to various departments, and each department is responsible for the implementation, not the implementation of the relevant regional leaders will be held responsible. Fifth, the full implementation of the ban on coal downtown area, must complete the annual 809 tons of steam coal to gas fired boilers tasks, within the city limits to the total elimination of soot furnace; all the power to prohibit the burning of inferior coal, the intersection checkpoints to strengthen inspection of low quality coal. (author: Jiang Yaqin)


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