Qinghai this year more than 10 thousand km of new rural roads

Qinghai this year more than 10 thousand km of new rural roads

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"now from the asphalt road rolling back home, all the way home than before the mountain road!" In mid August, a width of 6 meters long and 35 km of rural highway to the Ledu district to Tang Guan Ying Che Lu Cun, Haidong city just completed, the villagers living in the depths of the mountains with the most simple words, the hearts of joy.

after years of construction, to the end of 2015, Qinghai Tibetan area and the six mountain area highway mileage reached 73 thousand km, greatly improving the local people travel conditions. However, these areas up to 58 thousand km of grade four and other roads, is still a serious impediment to the majority of farmers and herdsmen to get rid of poverty and become well-off footsteps.


13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the province transportation departments to actively implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on winning the strategic deployment of poverty alleviation war, the main battlefield in the Tibetan areas and the Six Mountains, started the "three years of concentrated poverty, a year to strengthen the promotion of" traffic battle poverty.

in this regard, the provincial transportation department specially prepared "Qinghai traffic planning" set up the precise poverty, the corresponding agencies led by the Department of transportation poverty counties and poverty alleviation Bureau led the establishment of the traffic poverty alleviation and inter departmental cooperation mechanism, the formation of the special poverty reduction, poverty alleviation and social poverty industry with great poverty alleviation pattern.

this year, we have issued a total of three pairs of transportation precision poverty alleviation project investment plan, with a total investment of $2 billion 980 million, the arrangement of the road project 707 km, convenient bridge and culvert 260. Recently, will be issued a total of 510 million yuan investment in rural transportation poverty alleviation projects, the arrangement of the road mileage of 2600 km, convenient bridge of the 119." Provincial Transportation Department deputy director Wang Yongxiang said.

it is understood that the "13th Five-Year" period, the provincial transportation department do a good job in the basic funding support, the Ministry of transport policy, plans to raise 6 billion 500 million yuan for the construction of rural roads, and will take "the government purchase of services, improve the project legal system and other measures, the traffic poverty alleviation project management and construction.

up to now, the province has 3098 km of new rural roads, completed an investment of $1 billion 980 million. By the end of the year, it is possible to achieve 252 villages (including 227 poor villages), and the formation of the 246 village roads. By then, the province’s institutional village patency rate of 91.5%.


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