Xining more than 9 thousand electronic eye guard public security for 24 hours

Xining more than 9 thousand electronic eye guard public security for 24 hours

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reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, there are currently more than 9 thousand eye 24 hours to protect public safety, crime space to be compressed, effectively promoted the improvement of social security, improve people’s sense of security.

this year, the city of Xining to strengthen public security against illegal investigation, continuous improvement "yellow gambling prostitution", trouble, fights and other security issues, the first 9 months of illegal administrative detention staff of 6219 people, the formation of affray, illegal acts of others and deliberately assault class the usurpation of the case investigation situation, law enforcement to strengthen the management of public security authority; investigate public security case 9552, investigate and deal with illegal personnel 14870 people, seized a number of firearms, bullets, detonators and control equipment.

joint, increase urban and rural villages, small hotels, rental housing and other key areas of social security management efforts to organize public security investigation and remediation work, severe blow dealt with theft and other illegal and criminal activities, the police dispatched million passengers, arrested more than 700 illegal workers, controlled knives confiscated more than 1000 of the social security chaos point is reduced.

9 months before

, Xining cracked 151 cases of theft, criminal suspects arrested 118 people, especially the use of video cracked 47 cases, destroyed a pickpocket Gang 4, arrested 17 suspects. To strengthen the social security patrol, jinglixiachen, a substantial increase in the street see alarm rate and charge rate, keep 644 police 24 hours a day of high density patrol, robbery and theft case reduce.

at the same time, Xining city to strengthen the construction technology, the effective integration of the city’s technical resources, to promote the construction of "six nets", perfect the multi-level security prevention and control system. At present, the city built the electronic eye more than 9 thousand, the initial realization of the 50% areas of online patrol, video surveillance and safety hammer mounted on the 1111 bus, security and security equipment equipped with in 503 schools, formed a "three-dimensional model of prevention and control of armed patrol, video technology, internal self – one of the three effective, criminal space compression.


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