Qinghai is expected to produce wild animals

Qinghai is expected to produce wild animals

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The number of wild animal species in our province more than 1/10 of the country, in the vast mountain grassland, desert valley, Przewalski’s gazelle, musk deer, snow leopard, brown bear, white swan, black necked Crane and the plateau wizard live freely. The reporter learned from the provincial forestry department, the provincial forestry department, jointly organized with the wildlife conservation society, in carrying out the China wild animal township of our province to declare the name, then, Qinghai is likely to have a Chinese "Snow Leopard village", "the village" etc..

large number of wild animals in our province, the distribution of a wide range of unique species of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, a large number of species of animals, rich in resources and animal reserves, with the particularity of the Qinghai Tibet plateau. At present, there are 499 species of terrestrial vertebrate wildlife in our province, accounting for about 10.26% of the nation’s 4865 species. The 8 mammalian orders and 23 families 53 genera and 103 species, 17 families and 60 orders of 168 bird species belonging to 380 genera, 4 families and 10 orders of 11 amphibian and reptile genera and 16 species. At the same time, was included in the national key protection of terrestrial wildlife list has 74 species, accounting for 330 of the national protection of the species of 22%, of which the national level of protection of wild animals in the 21 species, the protection of the 53 species. The development of China’s wild animals to declare the name of the country, marking the province in the wildlife protection publicity has a new development, will greatly promote the province’s ecological culture construction.

for the smooth progress of this work, the provincial forestry department requires the people’s government at or above the county level as a unit, to declare the region to form a comprehensive report of wildlife resources and protection. The content includes the declaration of the natural conditions of the area, resource status (population size, residence time, habitat protection, etc.) management (protection management mechanism, resource monitoring and protection management measures etc.), protection and development planning of the public, to declare the species at the end of the investigation and resource monitoring report. And report to reflect the wildlife resources and protection of photos, CDs and the protection of wild animal resources, such as a copy of the award certificate. Declare the work will be completed by May 31st this year, the provincial experts report Chinese wild animal protection association secretariat.


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