Xining the first batch of small talent listed

Xining the first batch of small talent listed

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July 5th, Xining City, the first batch of "talent Heights" listing, which marks the development of economic and Social Science in Xining city have a more powerful intelligence guarantee.

in recent years, Xining firmly establish talent development concept, vigorously implement the strategy of talent strong city, the city’s talent team continued to grow, and improve the quality of talent, talent environment improved, played a positive role in promoting economic and social development in the city of science. "Small talent highland construction is the city of Xining" "12th Five-Year" talent development plan "identified 10 key projects, the project started at the end of last year, layers of screening, Xining Vegetable Research Institute, Huangzhong eight" Lotus "Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 6 units was named the first batch of Xining" small talent highland".

The 6

units actively relying on Xining unique natural resources, cultural resources and industrial advantages, give full play to the role of Yucai, poly, a group of R & D results are formed on the characteristics of agricultural planting, plateau bio processing, the development of cultural tourism industry, education and scientific research, and achieved good economic and social benefit, is the city of Xining to strengthen the team building, the emergence of this year to the implementation of talent development representative.

the next step, Xining city will be in the policy, funding, information, services and other aspects of the opening "Easy Access", through preferential policies, financial support, information exchange, personnel training, technical cooperation and other measures to support key talent project. (author: Wu Yachun)

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