The image of the world at the top of the mountain

The image of the world at the top of the mountain

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– written on the occasion of the opening of the 2012 China (Qinghai) world mountain Documentary Festival

Qinghai news network relies on the unique creativity of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

2008, Chinese (Qinghai) world mountain Documentary Festival held in Xining summer.

Qinghai mountain Documentary Festival, make the world sit up and take notice. Where does this unique creative inspiration come from?

held mountain Documentary Festival in Qinghai, richly endowed by nature conditions: one is the unique topography of Tibetan Plateau, as the world’s third pole heights, the United Nations four super clean area of the species, with the original ecological value can not be copied; the two is Qinghai with multi ethnic symbiosis and multicultural fusion characteristics thus, to provide a solid foundation for this festival, at present, the world does not have a theme for this mountain and build international exhibition and exchange platform. Located on the roof of the world, mountains of Qinghai, have the responsibility and obligation to have confidence, assume that the demand of the times and the history of the trust. This is the Qinghai mountain Documentary Festival launched a unique creative.

culture: the road leading from the plateau to the world

Qinghai has always been regarded as the last pure land, in the rivers and mountains and lakes in one, explicit and spectacular, the deep beauty in a domain; historical and cultural history, national culture and regional culture coexist, each other, multi-ethnic harmony, harmonious coexistence of multiple religions, showing the harmony between man and natural multicultural development "big beauty". Now Qinghai has become Qinghai’s unique concept of geographical indications, Chinese (Qinghai) world mountain Documentary Festival is on the dual advantage of this nature beauty and cultural beauty of wisdom and to host the international event, with the cultural connotation, artistic form, build a road from the plateau to the world so, Qinghai and the world together.

in recent years, Qinghai with greater efforts to implement a series of cultural activities, and create a number of successful examples, including the poetic discourse of Qinghai Qinghai Lake International Poetry Festival; reproduction of Qinghai international Thangka art and cultural heritage exposition to cultural memory; to make sound picture transmission in Qinghai international water and Life Music Tour the prevention of desertification and drought on the theme of the concert; show the source of Sanjiang International Photography Festival in Qinghai, instant image; the survival story Qinghai world mountain documentary festival. These cultural activities, both the natural and cultural connotation of Qinghai, but also has a unique cultural perspective, has become a representative of Qinghai cultural and creative work. Through these cultural activities, Qinghai is no longer passively facing the world, but actively to the world, into the world, to show the world a piece of the dream of a culture of plateau.

with some international attention and sports activities held a high degree of popularity, more and more Qinghai, these international events not only let the world experience to Qinghai "all rivers run into sea, mastery of" spirit temperament, is held in Qinghai, high standard, high standard product of cultural event;

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