Xining municipal government introduced ten measures to stabilize prices for the protection of price

Xining municipal government introduced ten measures to stabilize prices for the protection of price

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in order to seriously implement the provincial Party committee and government leaders on the price stability control work instructions, to protect the city’s price stability. The afternoon of September 13th, the Xining municipal government held a special meeting to seriously study the arrangements to stabilize prices, according to local conditions, comprehensive measures, and strive to grasp the node effective principle, formulated ten measures to guarantee stable prices for.

is to further strengthen the market booth fee subsidies, strictly control the zero slip. The city’s 11 major bazaars comprehensive subsidies operators booth fee, strictly on vegetables, egg and aquatic products to implement zero slip control. District government organizations to change, business, industry and commerce departments, combined with security measures for price stability, increase inspections of major bazaars, to crack down on driving up prices, strong buying and selling behavior. The streets of the office and the community to deploy full-time staff to check the market price changes, and in the community organizations composed of representatives of the residents of the community price supervisors, mobilize the masses to participate in price monitoring.

two is charged by market health costs. The district government is responsible, on the 10 morning of sanitary fees charged by half, and to strengthen the standardized management of the market, market management order and remediation of environmental health.

three is the allocation of affordable vegetables direct delivery center. In the area of the district and county set up vegetable distribution center, will be directly transported to the cheap vegetable vegetable distribution center of Xining rural commercial transportation company, by the vegetable distribution center to the area of direct sales of vegetables and market distribution. Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to actively support the District, county vegetable distribution center. From the City Finance Bureau price adjustment fund in arranging some funds to carry out appropriate subsidies to Xining rural commercial company vegetables cost parity sales shop, shop to achieve parity vegetable sales price is lower than the market price target of 10%.

four is exempt from major market pork and beef and mutton stalls fees. District to actively raise funds, the main market in the area of pork and beef and mutton stalls booth fee free.

five is an active organization of beef and mutton direct. The Municipal Bureau of Commerce, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, municipal development and Reform Commission responsible for mobilizing and organizing the Paterson, Tai and the municipal development and Reform Commission support local meat, eggs prices stabilize enterprises to participate in the work, to the wholesale price to the store selling cheap supply of beef and mutton. Municipal Bureau of Commerce, according to the actual contribution rate of market price stability, give appropriate subsidies.

six is focused on the recent increase in the distribution of eggs and some vegetables. Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, agriculture and commerce company in serious monitoring and analysis of price trends based on the centralized dispatching egg, beans, pepper, cucumber, eggplant, potato and other recent or more varieties of vegetables, and to strengthen the tracking of transporting vegetables. Meanwhile, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the municipal development and Reform Commission to increase the credibility of the local high, stable supply of soybean producers to support efforts to increase market supply of soybean products.

seven is to continue to increase agricultural super docking efforts. Municipal Bureau of commerce is responsible for ensuring that the city’s 10 major supermarkets in the sale of cheap vegetables at least 15 kinds of cheap vegetables.

eight is;

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