Xining strive to let 28 thousand people hold up their jobs

Xining strive to let 28 thousand people hold up their jobs

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employment is the people’s livelihood, this year, the city will implement the strategy of giving priority to employment, promote employment through entrepreneurship, to guide the transfer of rural labor employment, to improve labor skills training and other measures, and strive to achieve 28 thousand new urban jobs, let 350 thousand rural laborers earn 1 billion 500 million yuan target. This is the reporter from the city of human resources and social security bureau working conference was informed of the news on February 21st.

it is understood that the city will continue to vigorously implement, to support entrepreneurship as an important starting point to promote the development of Small and micro businesses, providing policy advice, project recommendation, expert evaluation, business guide, small government secured loans, tracking support and other one-stop service for entrepreneurs, plans to carry out entrepreneurial awareness training 10000 people, entrepreneurial ability training more than 2500 people, 1800 people focus on supporting entrepreneurship, promote employment 6500. For the community as well as the prospects for good prospects for entrepreneurship projects for small and medium graduates to apply for small loans secured by the gradual elimination of counter guarantees. Full implementation of the free employment services for workers, employment difficulties for the employment assistance. We will expand the scope of the dynamic monitoring of unemployment, strengthen employment and unemployment, market supply and demand, employment and other information monitoring, and give full play to the role of unemployment insurance funds in the prevention of unemployment and promote employment. The agricultural surplus labor force and focus groups of college graduates and other youth groups have also been included in the employment, the labor force to guide the local transfer and employment, expand the field of employment, social security subsidies and job subsidies and other ways to help focus groups employment. At the same time, the city will also attract more workers to participate in old-age care, patient care, community care, home cleaning and other training and services, so that the family service industry to promote employment. (author: Rong Lijun)

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