Provincial rural pastoral work leading group to study the general secretary of Xiaogangcun agricultu

Provincial rural pastoral work leading group to study the general secretary of Xiaogangcun agricultu

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May 30th, the leading group work in rural and pastoral areas of Qinghai provincial Party committee held a meeting, thematic learning important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in Anhui Xiaogangcun rural reform forum, research in our province to study and implement the measures. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, the provincial rural pastoral work leading group leader Wang Jianjun presided over the meeting, the Provincial Standing Committee, deputy governor, deputy head of the leading group, Zhang Jianmin, deputy governor, deputy head of the leading group, attended the meeting, Yan Jinhai.

the meeting pointed out that the important speech of General Secretary Xi in Xiaogangcun rural reform forum, fully demonstrates the CPC Central Committee to further promote the rural reform development and stability will and determination, the release of a strong policy signal to farmers, to improve under the new situation of the "three rural" work has important guiding significance. The whole province should to practice the spirit of the speech as follows, to grasp the development and reform of the things happened, the stable things realistically catch fine, to ensure that the province’s "three rural" work along the correct direction.

meeting stressed the need to deeply understand the essence of speech, rich connotation. The "main line" to firmly grasp the good relationship between peasants and land, improve the rural basic management systems to the "maximum" policy, adhere to not to change the collapse of rural land ownership, not to change the little arable land, not to change the grain production capacity is weak, can not damage the interests of the farmers "four not". Do a good job of rural collective assets ownership to households and the stock cooperation system reform and the construction of new agricultural management system "six key" reform, unswervingly deepen rural reform; to firmly grasp the development of modern agriculture, increasing farmers’ income and building a new socialist countryside "three tasks" to improve the industrial system, production system, management system of "three system, unswervingly to speed up rural development; to protect and improve people’s livelihood to firmly grasp this" direction ", establish a system of governance, governance, governance according to law The source of governance, the concept of grassroots cadres to do a good job, unswervingly maintain rural harmony and stability.

meeting stressed the need to apply their knowledge, mastery. The same work is done combined with the spirit of the speech learning, a good grasp of the economic development of the new normal development of this new concept logic, this thinking, the supply side structural reform measures, increase the income of farmers in the large scale, mobilize the masses to this great wisdom, the governing party’s rural work the principle, and constantly promote the transformation of farmers way, way of life, improve the level of life, quality of life of farmers.


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