Xining bus and other vehicles to ease the difficulty of 407 new cars will be put into operation

Xining bus and other vehicles to ease the difficulty of 407 new cars will be put into operation

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Because most of the buses in Xining city extended service, poor condition, cause the bus trip rate is low, the people waiting for the bus, recently in the strong support of the provincial and municipal government, 13 lines, 407 new buses will be put into operation, the people traveling to a certain extent, ease the difficult problem.

reporter from the city bus company was informed that, in addition to the 2 Road, 9 Road, 25 road and five to the train station shuttle bus, bus the other teams are in the extended service, generally poor condition, failure rate is relatively high; the bus driver because the treatment is relatively low, high strength, fluidity large, it also limits the transit vehicles on the road running; coupled with the rush hour road congestion caused the bus to sit to have become increasingly prominent phenomenon.

, according to a person in charge of the city bus company operating safety department, the bus company’s existing more than 1 thousand vehicles in the 80% is in the extended service, poor condition, the driver is less constrained the normal operation of the vehicle. The bus company in order to alleviate the public travel difficult, the rush hour in the city bus line, to ensure the normal operation of the case, the mobilization of all running vehicles on the road, try to reduce the scheduled departure interval; the bus driver is missing, the company has been in the public recruitment, and a qualified school bus joint training the driver has also received a certain effect.

the responsible person told reporters that the provincial and municipal government attaches great importance to the existing problems of the bus company, specially allocated a portion of the funds raised by the company, and part of the funds, the plan of the city’s 1 road, 3 Road, 4 road, 6 road, 15 road, 17 Road, 20 road, 23 road, 25 Road, 26 Road, 30 Road, 33 Road, 34 Road, 13 lines, 407 bus at the end of October this year, which will greatly improve the bus operation and passenger capacity, to a certain extent will ease the public passenger car difficult. The first update of the 23 road and 25 Road 2 lines totaling 56 buses, estimated at the beginning of October will run on the road. (author: Xiaofeng)


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