The municipal Party held the groundbreaking ceremony

The municipal Party held the groundbreaking ceremony

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sunny, October 15th, the foundation laying ceremony of an invigorating autumn climate, the construction of comprehensive teaching building project of the CPC Xining municipal Party school. The project will be on the level of the Party school teaching 5 storey building renovation and renovation of the new apartment complex as a multi-purpose hall, multimedia classrooms, lecture halls and student apartments.

it is reported that the school relocation is the municipal government for the innovation of cadre training mechanism, integrate cadre training resources, improve the quality of cadres training, accelerate and promote the construction and development of Party school and make an important decision, will improve the "one school and school conditions fundamentally, reinforce the school work foundation, improve the education and training of cadres the level, will better implement the task of promoting the large-scale training of cadres, Party members and cadres team construction and personnel construction, provide organizational and intellectual support for the city’s economic and social development.

municipal Party school construction project is located in Haiyan Road extension on the north side, covers an area of about 43.2 acres, the project in accordance with the "planning step, step by step construction" principle, completed in two phases, the comprehensive teaching building renovation, building new apartment and student staff cafeteria housing project and other ancillary facilities construction, for the construction of the contents of the first stage. The project construction area of about 22000 square meters, a total investment of more than 6500 yuan, of which, 5 storey building teaching renovation storey, mainly for exterior wall insulation decorative, LED electronic display, increase the lift, install satellite receiver platform. The new subject of 8 layer, 2 layer underground, local 2 storey apartment building, a total area of 11700 square meters, including function rooms, multimedia classrooms, lecture hall and student apartments, student apartment of 7949 square meters, which can meet more than 300 trainees accommodation. Supporting the use of auxiliary door room, moved to the boiler room, restaurant.


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