Tourism supply side this year will bring new feelings

Tourism supply side this year will bring new feelings

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To build the province’s key tourism projects, vigorously develop a number of tourist commodities, which more than 10 tourism projects, pushing the upgrading of scenic spots…… This year, the province will increase the intensity of investment in building a new article to promote the structural reform of the tourism supply side, will bring a new feeling for more tourists.

it is understood that in recent years, with the advent of the golden age of tourism in our province, tourist season blowout has become a norm, and the development of tourism in our province, basically in the demand side, the insufficient supply of tourism products is still one of the main contradiction of our province and even the National tourism. At present, the growth rate of investment in fixed assets in the province fell, tourism investment continued to grow, becoming an important driving force to promote economic growth, stimulating consumer demand.

in order to promote the tourism supply side structural reform, our province will do a good job in 13th Five-Year this year and the tourism planning of self drive tourism, tourism, ecological corridor construction, three year nianboyuze special planning. Improve the supply side to seize the country to speed up structural reforms, screening a number of tourism project investment scale, driving ability, good comprehensive effect, with the signing of the financial sector of the Xining Museum, Kumbum Monastery scenic area, Longyangxia more than 10 large-scale tourism projects to start construction as scheduled.

to develop tourism commodities, in areas where conditions construction of Tibetan medicine tourism industry demonstration zone, promoting the combination of Tibetan medicine industry and the market depth, run the tourism commodity contest, cultivating a number of characteristics of Qinghai tourism commodity brand. Pushing the upgrading of existing national scenic spots, mining rich tourism products system. To promote the construction of Qinghai Lake outdoor leisure sports base and driving camp; promote the tea card area completed on schedule upgrading; improve the Kumbum Monastery scenic area and tourist service facilities, enhance the cultural connotation and tourists participation. In addition, the province will rely on a good traffic environment and rich natural resources, and vigorously develop self driving travel and bicycle travel, the province to create a self driving tour and bicycle tour features. This year we should actively explore the implementation of the "travel ticket", so that the outcome of the tourism development and sharing for the people of the province.


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