Yesterday more than 3 people to find a job in the center square

Yesterday more than 3 people to find a job in the center square

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In March 8th, sponsored by the Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security of the 2013 spring action large-scale recruitment will be held in the central square, from inside and outside the province 330 household units provide 6200 jobs, the city has attracted young college students, young people and migrant workers more than 30 thousand people approach to find the "rice bowl", of which 750 people live to reach an agreement of intent.

in the recruitment site in the crowd, the reporter noted that there are many fresh university graduates in June this year. In order to experience college students looking for work difficulty, the reporters follow into the recruitment of Xiao xue. Xiao Xue is the province of a university finance specialized student, will graduate in June this year, held in English, computer, accounting three documents, she hopes to get a monthly salary of 1500 yuan of financial work. The first Real Estate Company recruiters that do not experience, clearly rejected her, the staff said: "the company is to be able to use the people, now we don’t have time to train new people." Second similarly to the trading company working experience is not the reason, tactfully refused small job. Continuous refused Xiao Xue frustrated, reporters also actively help do find jobs, finally an agricultural products and furniture companies, recruiters said they are willing to accept students. But when do there was hesitation, she said she wanted to know about the company’s strength and prospects for development, want to wait and see. The reporters found that some job seekers are holding and do the same – psychological field, leading to the scene to reach an agreement of intent number is not high.

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