Huangyuan people’s water sweet heart of the masses

Huangyuan people’s water sweet heart of the masses

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"fine see spirit." In Huangyuan, the reporter heard most of the word is fine, see the most is fine service. Reporters deeply felt: in the hearts of all cadres in Huangyuan, the fine is not just a way of working, but a spirit, a sense of social responsibility, a habit of governing for the people.

as Huangyuan county Party Secretary Cai Chengyong said: fine is a concept, a principle, a behavior, but also the only way for the masses to a happy life. So how will the refinement of social management? The key is to identify the entry point, focus on improving people’s livelihood, safeguard the fundamental interests of the people, the key is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the design of the best path to reduce detours, avoid duplication. In the future, we should deeply review and inspect their work, the fine into our long-term work, set up to visit the people, listen to public opinion, to help the long-term mechanism of rich people ", broaden their horizons, explore new ideas, innovative methods, overcome the short-term quick profit, to develop long-term planning, to a fine work, a good grasp of ecology, environment and city construction of harmonious, full run income, employment, health care, social security, housing, travel and other related interests of the people of each piece of" hard feelings ", let people live more security, more quality, more affordable, more dignified, more happiness.

is like walking in the ancient city of the city, although visitors flocked, but the streets spotless. Perhaps it is this fine management, given the infinite charm of Huangyuan County, the scientific development of the feelings of the people’s livelihood.

reporter visited the countryside in Huangyuan, asked what is the most profound feeling in life this year, the people are talking about the most is the change of water and travel convenience.

water is the source of all things. Water and roads, but also reflects the party committees and governments at all levels of Huangyuan County People’s feelings.

neck under the villagers all drink safe water


is next to the Huangshui River, water has become difficult for generations, now eat on the health and safety of tap water, the history of the country Shengxing Dong Xia four village of the neck of the reporters said happily: "now the tap to the family, cooking, washing clothes clean and convenient! In the past do not want to think of solar water heaters, and now also fashionable up!"

Ring River,

Dong Xia township of Huangyuan County under the neck, Shi Ya Zhuang, Xinmin, ash ditch village 6 village 12 natural artesian water supply agency, not around 5 km long, only the nearest water pump wells, especially with the neck under the village of rural tourism is flourishing. Eat more water is to become one of their big troubles. To this end, Huangyuan County, anxious people are anxious, want people to think, to strive for a part of local financial support part, a part of the way from the masses, multi-party financing, completely solve the problem of drinking water.

through on-site investigation, careful planning, to overcome the difficulty of the deep mountain, difficult construction, water diversion from 10 kilometers away, focusing on solving the rural drinking water safety;

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