Datong County Public Security Bureau Traffic Management brigade successfully cracked 8 27 major tr

Datong County Public Security Bureau Traffic Management brigade successfully cracked 8 27 major tr

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2012 in August 27th at 20:30 PM, traffic control brigade police on duty received County Public Security Bureau 110 Command Center: a Jiabao Village section of highway bridge of Yin Shuo Bei Xiang traffic accidents, resulting in one death, car accident escape. After the alarm, in charge of team leaders quickly arranged police on duty rushed to the scene of the scene investigation and visits to the masses. After arriving at the scene, the scene of the police handling the case comparison and analysis to determine the initial hit and run vehicles for a three wheeled motorcycle.

for the detection of the case as soon as possible, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of victims. Traffic control brigade night mobilization brigade accident squadron squadron, and office of the elite police force, composed of "8· 27" major traffic accident case investigation team to the scene and the vehicle left the evidence and the masses clues as the basis, to determine the direction of the investigation, delineation of the scope of the investigation, carried out in order to to the East is Xia Zhen three wheeled motorcycle for the focus of the investigation and visited the incident surrounding masses case investigation.

because of the incident in the night, witnesses and less to the east direction of the gorge of three wheeled motorcycle more access to road monitoring can not determine the vehicle and the parties, make investigations stalled, search the vehicle like look for a needle in the ocean.

needle for this situation, the traffic management team task force to carry forward the work style of continuous combat, soldiers deployed four vehicles and the investigation of the masses work. The way to the scene as the center, deep into the scene around the new generation with Zhuang Bei Xiang, O Jiabao, Ji Taiwan, wow, drug maker Li Jia Bao Village, village by village to carry out the investigation of three wheeled motorcycle and visits to the masses. The way to the car accident escape direction Dong Xia Zhen Zhuang, Yongfeng, yamen, dollon stone slope and ditch village far into radiation, the investigation. A road to the bridge in the town of motorcycle point of sales, maintenance, transportation and rental in the motorcycle around the county village as the key point by the village in the investigation. A road to the motor tricycle more, Castle Peak, Jingyang Xiegou, roots Township, the investigation. Case detection, the task force investigation involving a total of 6 villages and towns more than 3000 households, motorcycle sales point of the 5, maintenance points of the 15, more than 2000 motorcycles.

hard work pays off, after a lot of investigation and visits to the masses, at noon on August 29th, the final investigation to determine the Dong Xia Zhen Liu Jia Zhuang Cun, Datong County, the villagers Jiang Hanxian (male, Han nationality, born 5 November 1980, ID number: 630121198011054831, live Dong Xia Zhen Liu Jia Zhuang Cun, Datong County No. 110) have a major accident. And, by the traffic control brigade police investigators at the point of sale of lime road bridge Zhen’an arrested, and seized a motorcycle accident.

investigation, August 27, 2012 at 20:30 PM, Jiang Hanxian driving for driving without a license plate for motor tricycle, set by the two people, from the bridge in the town to the east along the bridge gorge Town, Yin Road traveling from west to east to a Jiabao Village Road, from east to West in front of the pedestrian walking horse Ming Shi (male, 28 November 1953;

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