Carry out the Christmas night fire zero in our province

Carry out the Christmas night fire zero in our province

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To strengthen this winter and spring fire prevention and control work, to promote the second cleaning fires campaign, the provincial public security department issued a plan, to organize, in December 24th, 25, 20 pm to 24 PM to carry out fire safety "zero night action" deployed in the province to further, catering and entertainment, business places to suppress the fire at night risks, resolutely curb serious fire accidents and casualties during the festival.

the "zero night action" carried out by the unified organization of the public security organs, public security, fire protection, police inspector and the police station staff. The main festival, Lantern Festival, theatrical performances and other large-scale mass activities held in place, and setting off fireworks sales area and the ban area, on the use of flammable and combustible insulation building materials and construction sites, key blocks, residential areas, urban fringe, village, three in one field and explosive unit and so hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, markets and public places of entertainment focus. At the same time, the discovery of illegal fireworks, illegal large-scale mass activities, fire hazards and other fire violations, will resolutely investigate and punish; centralized discharge area of the late night shopping malls, markets, hotels, hotels, public places of entertainment and large-scale performances, celebrations of large-scale mass activities, the scene of fireworks the fire department will send vehicles, personnel arrived on duty, on-site monitoring, will also arrange special police force, the implementation of "one to one", "point to point" to die to defend measures, once found the problem immediately ordered the rectification, to take decisive measures for disposal.  

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