Mayor of Xining the reform of the high position as

Mayor of Xining the reform of the high position as

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April 8th, the mayor of Xining municipal government, party secretary Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government party meeting, learning to convey the provincial government forum construction work of the eastern city of group spirit, study on the implementation of the construction work on the eastern city of Xining City, the group will be the spirit of opinion. The meeting conveyed Luo Huining, Secretary of the governor, governor of the important speech in the forum and before the investigation in the investigation of the president of the University of China, Mr. Hao Peng. Wang Yubo stressed that the provincial Party committee, the provincial government of the eastern city group research and discussion, in terms of Xining is the development opportunities, is the driving force for development, but also spur development. Secretary, governor of the important speech broad vision, lofty vision, in full compliance with the actual situation in Xining, to better promote the construction of urban agglomerations in eastern China has important guiding significance. City and county government and departments must seriously study and deeply understand, to implement the spirit of the forum as an opportunity to the power to reform, the reform should be dynamic, according to Secretary Luo Huining’s "reform and opening up highland" to locate, as for the reform, the article done so thoroughly, push for new breakthrough in the construction of the eastern city of group work.

Wang Yubo, to comprehensively deepen reforms as the implementation of the symposium, the core meaning to promote the work of the government, rely on reform to solve all kinds of problems in the construction of the eastern city group, in order to solve the problem of reform. To implement the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to deepen the reform of the deployment, the implementation of the municipal Party committee and government in 2014 to deepen reform action plan. Combined with theactual, seize the decentralization, cultivate the market main body and so on, seriously study and solve the city group construction in "where the money come from, where people go", planning a number of key reforms, reform ideas and reflect the heights as. According to the characteristics of the cycle, low-carbon development path, accelerate the development of the industry. Vigorously promote the integration of the city, continue to promote industrial restructuring and optimization and upgrading, reflecting the high, refined, new, special, deep, strong industries. Continue to focus on five major industrial base, eight advantages of industrial, agriculture around the "basket production base", "agricultural and livestock products processing industry center" further accelerate the pace of development of the service industry. Pay more attention to the development of county economy and promote the integration of urban and rural areas. Strengthen infrastructure construction, planning and implementation of key projects. Planning, organization, reporting, implementation capacity and improve the efficiency of the project, and take the initiative to strengthen the Provincial Bureau various commissions of contact, communication and docking, good policy and cohesion of project funds. In the study of financial capital and financial integration efforts to make new breakthroughs in the reform of investment and financing, the use of more market and means of implementation of the project. To strengthen the consciousness of ecological development. Grasp the economic development, one hand ecological protection and construction, and strive to build an ecological civilization on the first try to take effect as soon as possible. Continue to improve the livelihood of the people, and constantly enhance the well-being of the people. Strengthen cooperation with Haidong to promote win-win cooperation.


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