Prompt action fire hazard rectification nearing completion

Prompt action fire hazard rectification nearing completion

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Recently, the State Council Office of the Security Committee issued a notice, announced the list of the country’s 100 major fire hazard units, the city of Wangjiazhuang commodity wholesale market, Kunlun, the first two units proposed rectification requirements. In this regard, the provincial government attaches great importance to the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng made important instructions, the Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Secretary of the CPC proposed specific requirements, the rapid action of Xining, accelerate the rectification. Currently, Kunlun one has completed the rectification, Wangjiazhuang commodity wholesale market rectification nearing completion, rectification work in the forefront of the country.

in accordance with the provincial government and the municipal Party committee and the main leaders of important instructions, the municipal government held a special meeting to study the deployment of fire hazards rectification work. Municipal leaders led on-site office, one by one check the implementation of corrective measures. As of now, Kunlun one invested 128 thousand yuan, the improvement of fire control facilities at the end of October, has completed 18 fire hazard rectification task, and in November 9th passed the on-site inspection and acceptance of the expert group, is submitted to the verification and cancellation. Wangjiazhuang small commodity market has invested 14 million 565 thousand yuan, updating and improving the fire facilities, removal of the illegal steel color board room of 9700 square meters, the completion of the rectification of the 28 fire hazards have been completed in 26.

has long been concerned about the safety of production in Xining, the main leaders personally intervene personally, always adhere to the most resolute attitude and measures to strictly adhere to the red line of production safety. Especially this year the principal leaders of the municipal Party committee and municipal government in May after the arrival of the first municipal committee meeting on the topic listened to the report of the work of production safety, and make arrangements. After the municipal Party committee and government held a special meeting, arrange production safety investigation, remediation special action. Tianjin port "8· 12" major fire accidents, party secretary Wang Xiao for the first time made important instructions on the work of production safety, and he led the inspection group of the small commodity market in Wangjiazhuang and other places on-site supervision, and points out that the problems existing in the field of fire safety seriously, face rectification requirements. The city under the leadership responsibility, pay close attention to territorial responsibility, the responsibility of the industry, corporate responsibility to implement the relevant departments and units of fire hazards, Li said Li line, pay close attention to the rectification, and constantly improve the awareness of fire safety hazards rectification, has achieved initial success, the city’s fire safety situation has been effectively improved.


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